Maxim Pasik

Executive Chairman


Maxim Pasik is the Executive Chairman of Watergen, the world’s leading Atmospheric Water Generation company that is solving the global drinking water crisis and bringing a new source of clean water to people everywhere. Maxim Pasik is focused on bringing the company’s lifesaving water-from-air technology to the world through the establishment of strategic partnerships and global operations capabilities. He has successfully introduced Watergen’s innovative solutions to world leaders like Secretary General Guterres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prime Minister Modi, and has addressed leading international gatherings like the African Leaders’ forum at the UN, the World Economic Forum in China, Jordan, and Davos, and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India. Mr. Pasik also serves as Executive Chairman of Beer Itzhak Energy Ltd. an investment company focusing on technology and infrastructure projects; and Vertical Field, an innovative technology company that cleans the atmosphere from harmful pollutants by creating and designing lush, green vertical walls. In addition, Mr. Pasik is also Vice President of the Euro Asian Jewish Congress, an organization comprised of 28 member-states that serves crucial social and political functions in the communal life of Asia’s Jewry and its relationship to the State of Israel. Mr. Pasik earned an MBA from Manchester University.


United Nations SDGs: Opening New Roads for Sustainability
Jan. 22 • 09:30 – 10:15

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